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Testimonial from Stafford’s Perry Hotel
S. Reginald Smith, General Manager



Steve and Susan Madigan, Harbor Springs, MI
“…my wife and I had the opportunity to work with Jim Russell during the remodel of our residence…We found jim to be extremely easy to work with. His attention to detail and craftsmanship was superb. His close cooperation and coordination with the sub-contractors was a key component to our hitting our aggressive time schedule…”



Mike Grow, Salt Lake City, UT
“…my wife and I could not be more pleased with Jim’s effort. He was very professional in his work. The quality of craftsmanship was outstanding…Additionally, Jim was able to expand his role in our home construction by using his natural skill. He was very helpful in scheduling other contractors and working around their schedule…”



Marty and Dale Lefever, Burt Lake, MI
5/12/2011 9:02 AM: “How wonderful that you are experiencing such success in your work. We love the work you did! Please feel free to use our place as an example of your fine work. I think you know how to get into the cottage. The key is still in the same place. We have not been there all winter or spring and are looking forward to getting there soon now that real Spring is here. Hope ALL is well with you, Jim.” Marty

5/12/2011, 9:59 AM: “I echo Marty’s comments and want to add some words you might use in a testimonial. They are sincere words and I would be pleased to talk personally with any prospective client. ‘Jim’s work is excellent which is of prime importance. In addition, he prices his work at a reasonable level and always provides careful documentation for his time and materials. And, he does what he says he is going to do and he does it on time. He is a good craftsman and a good communicator.’ Hope this helps, but it sounds like I would have a problem getting you back! Glad your business is going well.” Dale